Advisory from Ministry of Law (PSPM) to Regulated Dealers!

Event Date:
Start at 7:45 AM
August 29, 2023

Registered dealers are strongly encouraged to review your transactions and business relations to assess if there are any reasonable grounds to suspect criminal conduct, including money laundering in connection to the Police investigation. You have to make an assessment on the level of suspicion based on the knowledge obtained about the customer(s) and transaction(s) you are dealing with. Where you are aware or have reasonable grounds to suspect that the customer, property or transaction is linked to criminal conduct, including money laundering, you are reminded of your obligation to file a STR to a Suspicious Transaction Reporting Officer under the Corruption, Drug Trafficking and Other Serious Crimes (Confiscation of Benefits) Act (“CDSA”) via STRO Online Notices And Reporting platform (“SONAR”) as soon as possible.

If you are aware of transactions or business relations with other persons, companies or entities which are related to the persons listed in paragraph 2 above and suspect that they are linked to criminal conduct, you should consider filing a STR.

When filing a STR connected to the above-mentioned Police investigation in SONAR, please indicate “Project Cerulean” under the “Notice Reference Number” field in the first page of the STR form. Please note that you will require a SONAR account to file a STR. You may wish to refer to the SONAR user guide at sonar on how to create a SONAR account.